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Transportation to and from Beitostølen

Departure times Sunday, 11th of March: 

From Bergen:
9:00 Bergen (Hotel Terminus) - Beitostølen

From Oslo Bus Terminal:
12:00 Oslo Bus Terminal - Beitostølen

From Oslo Gardermoen:
The buses from Gardermoen are set up after the participants' arrival times. Those arriving by air will receive mail about departure time for the bus a few days before departure.

Flight number:
Those arriving at Gardermoen must enter their arrival and departure time upon registration together with the flight numbers on arrival and departure.

Departure Sundays 18th of March:

To Bergen:
11:00 Beitostølen (Radisson Blu) - Bergen (Hotel Terminus)

To Oslo Bus Terminal:
10:00 am Beitostølen (Radisson Blu) - Oslo Bus Terminal

To Oslo Gardermoen:
The buses to Gardermoen are set up after participants departure times (remember to register departure time and flight number). Return lists are posted in the infos on Radisson Blu Friday 31 March and Saturday 1 April.

If you wish to arrange your transport to/from Beitostølen on your own you can do this with the Valdresekpressen, the website can be found here:


Ridderrennet offers transport at Beitostølen

We have buses that run the roundabout Beitostølen Helsesportssenter stadium and Garli during the daytime.

In addition, we have rental cars running from 08:00 until 22:00, or 30 minutes after the last evening event has ended. These cars are preferably intended for people in wheelchairs, but are available, others can also use the transport.

Booking transport:
Inquiries and bookings to the transport office can be reached on the telephone number 61 35 30 71.

Transport can be pre-ordered until 24:00, advance reservation must be made before 22:00.

In addition to this, we show that there is a taxi offer at Beitostølen. Tel. No. to Øystre Slidre taxi is:
61 34 06 00

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