These are the classes in cross country skiing and biathlon from 2017. All participants need to be classified before entering these classes.

The new classes are:  

  1. Visually impaired (B1-B3):
  2. Physically disabled, standing (LW2-LW9):
  3. Physically disabled, sitting (LW10-12):
  4. Other Handicap/disabilities (Athletes that doesn’t match sitting or standing classes)

Age classes/gender:

Men and women

11-12 years and 13-14 years (only Ridderrennet)

15 – 16 years

Junior: 17 – 20 years

Senior: 21-34 years,

Veteran: 35 – 59 years

Superveteran: 60 years and over

The organizer may combine classes with 3 or fewer participants with the same classification.  The classes under 20 years will not be combined.  To ensure the safety of the participants the jury may alter the course and reduce the number of participants in the competitions, based on the weather and track conditions.

Sitting classes, Ridderrennet th 1st of april 2017:

There are new competition classes for sitting participants from 2017 (only Ridderrennet):

If you want to go the distance:

20k – sign up for the Ridderrennet Norges Cup

10 k – sign up for Ridderrennet competition class

5k or shorter – sign up for the tourist class

Jury members Crosscountry/biathlon:

The jury: Course Director, Guides Director, Race Director and Event Director

Giant Slalom

Class divisions Giant Slalom:


Visually impaired:

B1 – B3


LW2 –LW 9


LW10 -LW12

Other disabilities:

Athletes that does not match blind, sitting or standing classes

Jury members Giant Slalom:

Course Director, referee and Technical delegat

IPC classes for alpine skiing


Special regulations will apply here.

Classes: men/women

  • LL1 – Amputation above knee
  • LL2 – Amputation under knee
  • Open class

Jury members Snowboard:

Course director, Technical delegat, starter and timer